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What We Do

What We Do

Opifex uses advanced software to track the rental equipment that is being used on your construction sites. The software alerts the user of upcoming equipment cycle dates and allows for complete management of the rental process. Our technology was designed in-house at Opifex and it is the leading technology platform for the equipment rental space.

We Build Value​

Our Core Values


Eliminate Redundant Equipment


Provide Transparency


Decrease Superintendent Workload


Remove equipment before rental period cycles

How we do it

How we
do it

We retain a team of software engineers that act in partnership with our salesmen and service techs in the field to monitor every piece of equipment that passes through the gate on your job site. At any time your superintendents can access the:

We Build Partnerships

Opifex embodies the core values of stewardship and integrity through transparent management of the equipment rental process. Our aim is to actively live our slogan of “By Builders, For Builders” by helping builders build and maintain profits!

We Build

The OPIFEX APP contains an itemized list of all Opifex Equipment on your jobs, rate for the equipment, cycle time, cost to date, and job number/cost code! The APP is the embodiment of transparency.

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